Sunday, November 22, 2009


Okay a quick update from Bellingham about Tino the rescue horse. Tino came the middle of last week and is settling in well. He has already gained a bunch of weight since the rescue program got him 3-4 weeks ago. My best guess as to what breed he is is some kind of Grade Quarter Horse or a Quarter Horse cross. We will be able to tell more once he gains all his weight back and sheds out this spring. He is currently about 13'3-14 hands and according to his teeth approximately 4 years old.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Congratulations Flech

We just received word that Flech found a new home this week! We wish Flech a healthy and happy future with his new owner; he deserves the best.

This means that all four of the geldings we helped market for sale this summer/fall have been rehomed. Good horses are good horses, even in a rough economy. Whether or not you seek professional help when marketing your horse, we recommend that you always get clean and quality photos, write up an accurate and informative text ad, make sure the horse is healthy and up to date, and be realisitic about your target buyers and pricing. It goes without saying that the most important thing you can do for your for sale horse is sell them to an appropriately matched new owner. If you have any specific questions about selling horses, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Monday, November 16, 2009

An Update From Bellingham

Chesna worked for a holistic small animal vet--housesitting and exercising her horses--while she was attending Western in Bellingham. Thanks to that, I get to board Huxley at the vet's farm this quarter.

It's a small private barn that is not open to boarders, but Hux and I have lucked out in the fact that the owner was willing to board him for the three months I'm in Bellingham finishing school this fall. The barn has four stalls, hay storage, a feedroom, a tackroom, a guest bedroom, and a full bathroom. The loft is someday going to be a HUGE dance floor. I've told Huxley this is the nicest place he will ever live!

The arena is a good sized outdoor arena that is mostly sand with some hogsfual mixed in, and it has been holding up nicely to the Washington weather. The turnouts are large hogsfuel paddocks with big run in sheds. For pasture there are four fenced acres of beautifully kept grass.

Huxley's new best friend is the barn owner's Thoroughbred gelding, Charlie. Though Charlie is in his late teens, he seems to tolerate Huxley's antics well and even plays with Hux from time to time.

Just down the road from the barn there are some logging roads that go forever up into the foothills. The barn owner and I have gone on several long rides that took us along scenic routes that overlooked the valley below, as well as provided great views of Mt. Baker.

Currently Hux has been working on getting steadier with his dressage and jumping bigger fences consistently. His goal for this winter is to go to JumperNite, a local jumper show, and make it around a 3'3 course without scaring me, him, or anyone watching. I think we can manage this goal...

The second weekend in October my friend Alyssa came all the way up to Bellingham from Portland, OR. She is also a horse person, so besides the normal college student stuff we did horse things as well. Saturday we went on a trail ride. Alyssa rode Huxley and I borrowed Charlie from the barn owner. We just followed the gravel road behind the barn to where there is a look-out overlooking the valley below and the Nooksack River. Alyssa used to do Hunters before she moved out west, but hasn't jumped much in a few years. So of course I made her jump Hux, and there had to be pictures! For not having really jumped in a long time and not jumping over 2'6 when she did, I think she did great. And Huxley was great about having someone else jump him.

Though we don't have a truck and trailer in Bellingham, Hux and I happened to find a ride to the last Cubbing Fox Hunt of the year with the Fraser Valley Hunt. It was a lot of fun to be able to get out and gallop in a large group of horses. Hux really needed a good run, because after a few hours of galloping he came back sweaty but far from tired!

Winter has finally arrived with tons of rain and wind in Bellingham. Huxley has decided that he would like to grow a short winter coat. His extra coat really isn't working well for me because he gets sweaty if I work him hard at all. We really need to be working hard on our canter for dressage next year, among other things. So to help with the sweating, Huxley got a modified blanket clip. He doesn't mind too much as long as I promise to keep him blanketed and warm. (Before and after pictures below).

The barn owner has decided to rescue a little three/four year old gelding who goes by the name of Tino. Tino will be coming some time this week. I am told he is just a bag of bones right now, but Tino couldn't find a better home. He will be loved and have plenty of food. Pictures will be posted when he arrives.