Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Addition at Nayborly

We have a new member of the Nayborly Farms crew! Because of Sewickley's lameness, in October I decided I would look for another Thoroughbred event prospect. I wasn't in a rush to find another horse due to my busy work/class schedule. On top of that, I own three horses already (Mikey, Pip, and Sewick). Nevertheless, we noticed "Don"--a 5 year old Thoroughbred--for sale on and decided to drive down to Longview, WA to check him out. We figured between the three of us--Cheryl, Kelsy, and I--at least one of us would come up with a good reason NOT to buy the horse once seeing it in person.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Jumpernite in December

Jumpernite is held at the Trails End Arena in Tumwater three times every year. We've been competing at Jumpernite since the days of Mikey and Precious. Though somewhat expensive, it's one of our favorite shows to attend.

One of the reasons we like Jumpernite is that they offer a warm-up course before the competition begins. This is an opportunity for horses and riders to practice the course and get used to the arena. If you and/or your horse are nervous at shows, doing a non-judged warm-up round is an excellent way to get your feet wet with minimal pressure. Patti and Arron and Kelsy and Huxley all rode a schooling round early in the morning before the show got underway.

Patti and Arron entered the 2'6" Pony Jumpers division. This was a large class of sixteen horse and riders. Arron and Patti had a smooth first round and advanced to the jumpoff. Though they weren't as fast as some of the other pairs, they stayed on course and had a clean round. They finished in seventh place and won a purple ribbon for Patti's growing collection. Arron is twenty-six years old.

Kelsy and Huxley entered the 3'-3'3" Warm-Up Jumpers Power and Speed class. Power and Speed is a class in which the first half of the course must be jumped cleanly (no dropped rails or refusals). If the first fences on course are jumped cleanly, you then proceed immediately to a timed jump-off round over the last half of the course. The fastest clean round wins the class. Hux hadn't jumped a course since August and had never jumped a 3'3" course in competition. Nevertheless, Hux was a super star and jumped a clean first round to advance on to the jumpoff. Though they didn't take any of the inside corners, their jump off round was clean and forward putting Hux in 6th place out of about fifteen riders.

Chesna and Pippin also entered the 3'-3'3" Warm-Up Jumpers class. In his typical style Pippin had a clear first round and advanced to the jumpoff. In the jump-off Pippin made a statement about "Pony Power!" and put in a smoking fast jumpoff to win the class. Though they had a little bobble at the last fence--which was really Chesna's fault--they pulled it off to beat the second place horse's jumpoff time by a respectable four seconds.

We had a great time at Jumpernite and are looking forward to attending Jumpernite in January. Hope to see you there!