Sunday, January 10, 2010

January Jumpernite

After a delayed start to the day (the horse trailer did not feel like hooking up to the truck) we made it to Jumpernite with Chucky, Pippin, and Huxley in tow. Unfortunately Patti had to work and therefore couldn't take Arron, but she is looking forward to taking him in February.

This time around the weather was 100 times better than last Jumpernite--about 30 degrees warmer. To start the day off our good friend Melissa rode Chucky in the Pony Jumpers Class (2'6"-2'9"). We have known Melissa for close to 15 years and all grew up riding together. Her current horse can no longer show because of an old injury, so Cheryl offered Chucky to Melissa for any shows she wants to take him to this season. Chucky enjoys getting out and doing stuff, especially going fast and jumping! Chucky and Melissa had a great clear round with a speedy jump off time to finish in second place overall. They won a red ribbon and some prize money.

Next to go was Huxley and Kelsy. First they entered the Young Jumpers Class (3') which is an Optimum Time class for horses aged six and under or riders aged fourteen and under. After that they competed in the Warm-Up Jumpers Class (3-3'3) which is a Power and Speed class. Huxley is starting to get the idea of going out and jumping a course, proving his progress by placing eighth in both of his large classes without even pushing for a fast time. Sadly the videotape ran out of space just as Hux went into the Young Jumpers class, so there is only footage of his second class.

Our final pair, Chesna and Pippin, did not disappoint. Due to the high volume of competitors at this month's Jumpernite it was well into the afternoon before their Novice Jumpers Class (3'3) started. This class was a Speed class, meaning that the entire round was timed and that the fastest clear round would win. Not at all intimidated by the Warmbloods and Thoroughbreds in his class, Pippin made every last inside turn, jumped from some very odd angles, and cleared every fence with style to have a time that was four seconds faster than the second place horse and rider. Gotta love pony power! Ches hopes to bump Pips up to a 3'6" class at the February Jumpernite.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Play Time

Hux and Brico.

Hux wants to play...

...and play fail!

Hux says "Brico is no fun maybe mom will play with me?"

"Mmmmm maybe not?"

"But please, look how cute?"

"Okay how about I nose bump you instead?"

Brico thinks we are crazy. Who chases horses over jumps anyways?

"It's bigger!!! What do I do with my feet?"