Sunday, February 7, 2010

Arron Gets a New Hair Do

Last week Arron got a new spring hair do, which is some version of a body clip. Hopefully now he won't get too hot on those warm spring days before he sheds out all the way.

Saturday February 6th we headed down south to a Jumper Playday in Salkum, WA. We took Pippin, Huxley and Arron. Sadly there are only pictures of Arron because the camera ran out of batteries and we were lacking a camera person by the time Hux and Pip started jumping. Here are some pictures of Arron, sporting his new hair do, and Patti. No one believed that Arron was 26 years old (soon to be 27!). Yay for old ponies!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Nayborly Farms on Facebook

For better or worse, Nayborly Farms has taken a dive into social media. If you are a member of facebook, you can now visit our farm page. Become a fan, leave comments, post pictures, join our discussions... Not only will we be keeping you updated on our horsey happenings daily, we'll be posting equine information and news that interests us (and hopefully you too). We would love to have you be a part of it all!

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Top Twelve Things That Only Haflinger Horses Can Do

We were digging through old files the other day and stumbled upon this article by Chesna. The article won a 2003 essay contest.

The Top Twelve Things That Only Haflinger Horses Can Do

12.   Only a Haflinger can gain weight by breathing.

11.   Only a Haflinger can keep their golden coats clean, while at the same time transforming their white manes and tails to black. 

10.   Only a Haflinger will climb over, under, through or between any type of fencing simply to get to the other side.

9.     Only a Haflinger can be measured in as a pony but wear horse-sized halters, blankets, shoes, and saddles.

8.     Only a Haflinger will learn to perform a trick in a matter of seconds for a cookie, and then a month later ask for a treat by bowing.

7.     Only a Haflinger can be dirty, fuzzy, and wet while also being completely adorable.

6.     Only a Haflinger is smart enough to learn all the wrong things we accidentally teach them as well as all the right.

5.     Only a Haflinger would believe that they are ten times bigger, faster, and better than a Belgian.

4.     Only a Haflinger will come cantering over to see you after you have been gone for a week.

3.     Only a Haflinger can get their riders to laugh so hard that they fall off from at the halt. 

2.     Only a Haflinger can bring about their owner's need of anotherĂ– and anotherĂ– and just one more?

And the number one thing that only Haflinger horses can do?

1.     Only a Haflinger can be so cute, so smart, eat so well, perform so well, have so much personality, and be such a Haflinger that it makes their owners happy every time they see them.