Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Beach, as Hux Sees it!

As told from Huxley's perspective...

At first glance the "beach" or what I like to call "The Land of TERROR" seems harmless enough, a lot of sand, logs and a few sticks. But this is un-true!
There are things lurking in the sand, you have to watch out for them!

Ocean City, Our 2010 Beach Trip!

Today we loaded up Huxley, Specks and Brico for a beach ride. It has been years since any of us have ridden on the beach; Hux and Specks had never been before. As always it was great fun and the horses were better behaved than we thought they would be. It was however typical Washington beach weather, despite the fact that at home it was close to 80 degrees and sunny; cloudy, foggy, windy, and rain at times but still tons of fun!

Patti & Specks, Ches & Brico

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pippin's a Champ - Officially!

Today Pip proved that he's the best in the Northwest, at least when it comes to Training level eventing! He finished the Equestrian Institute Horse Trials on our dressage score of 25.5, leading the Area VII Training Championship division from start to finish. We competed against sixteen other horses and riders, and Pip was the only pony in his division. Also, to our knowledge, Pippin is the only Haflinger in the U.S. to have won a Training level event.