Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Questions for Your Horse Trainer

If you are considering putting your horse in professional training, it is worth your while to find someone who can meet your needs and the needs of your horse. To find the best trainer for your situation, here are some simple questions you can consider asking a prospective trainer:  
  • What are your fees? 
  • What sort of experience do you have? What is your training background? Your methodology?
  • May I see your facility? How will my horse be kept and what sort of daily care will he/she receive?
  • How frequently will my horse be worked, and for about how long?
  • What sort of tack do you use? Should I provide my own tack? Do you use training aids?
  • Where will my horse be ridden? 
  • Will other people be riding my horse, like working students or assistant trainers?
  • Does groundwork and lunging count as a training session?
  • May I ride my horse while he/she is in training with you?
  • What can I do to help prepare my horse for training?
  • What will my horse be fed while in your care? Do I need to provide the feed? 
  • What veterinarian do you use? What is your procedure for handling health concerns or emergencies?
  • Can I observe the training sessions if I contact you ahead of time? 
  • What happens if you are having trouble or difficulty working with my particular horse?
  • Do you have a training contract or paperwork?
  • Can you recommend any other trainers in the area for me to consider?
Most trainers will be happy to answer your questions and talk about their training program. Remember, you want to find a trainer who you are comfortable with, and who is a good fit for your horse. 

Saturday, December 4, 2010

November Snow

This November we had our first snow of the season, just in time for Thanksgiving. Enjoy!