Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Inavale One Day Event

It's been a little while since we last posted, but don't be fooled--we've had plenty of horsey happenings taking place! This past weekend we kicked off our event season by attending the Inavale One Day Horse Trials in Pillomath, Oregon. Talk about a fun weekend! We took Huxley and Brico, along with Jess and Bravo (carpooling to save gas!). The weekend was fun and successful--perfect 80 degree + weather, good company, and very well-behaved horses. Kelsy and Huxley finished on their dressage score of 26.6 to take first in Training level. Brico finished on his dressage score of 31, placing second in Novice.

Bricolage and Chesna warming up for dressage.
Huxley walking to cross-country.

We arrived on Saturday afternoon so Jess could attend her Pony Club rally meeting, and so our horses could settle in. Once we got organized, Kelsy and I took our horses out for a low-key school over part of the beautiful and fun Inavale cross-country course. It was awesome to try out new fences we had never seen before and explore Inavale's winding back wood trails. Afterwards we let the horses get cozy in their stalls, set up camp, walked our courses, barebequed, and hung out with friends.

Sunday was an early morning for Jess (Pony Club has rules and all) and Kelsy had an early ride time too, so we got up and got going to another sunny day! I had some extra time that morning to braid Brico before dressage and snap pictures of Kelsy's dressage test. Hux and Kelsy looked relaxed and steady during dressage and earned a great score that put them in the lead. The show-jumping course was in a small outdoor sand arena, which added a little extra challenge for the bigger Training level jumps--plenty of tight turns and related distances. Thankfully, the show-jumping practice Kelsy has been putting in really paid off and Hux cruised through for a clear round. That afternoon they tackled the cross-country course with style--no trouble through the downhill coffin, over the large trakehner or corner fence. They also made it inside the optimum time with about 20 seconds to spare--a great accomplishment considering they had never ridden against the watch before. At the end of the day they took home a blue ribbon, a handy brush bag, and some brushes.

Huxley and Kelsy during dressage.
Hux and Kelsy take on the stadium course!
Brico was the most laid back and obedient he has ever been for dressage--a big improvement from last year when he was pretty sure the white dressage fencing, judges box, letters etc. where out to get him. He put in his personal best dressage score, landing him in fourth place after phase one. He jumped around the spooky stadium course with plenty of confidence, and he really settled in to cross-country to have one of his best rounds yet--albeit, a bit faster than necessary for Novice. After his two clean jumping phases he moved up to second place, earning himself a red ribbon, a halter, and some horse cookies.


Jess and Kristi had good weekends also, representing Baywood Pony Club along with Piper Newman. Jess placed fourth in the Training division, and thanks to her low scores took home Pony Club Champion at Training level. Kristi was Reserve Champion. Jess and Kristi are gearing up for the Pony Club Championships in Kentucky this July.

Kristi, Bravo, and Jess in the Pony Club vet box after x-country.

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